Wireless networks are a combination of a group of computers - users can exchange data wirelessly .
The history dates back to the wireless network 50 ' , then that in response to the launch of the first Sputnik by Russia ( 1957 ) U.S. Department of Defense has created an organization called ARPA ( Advanced Research Projects Agency ) , which was to modernize the U.S. military . Twelve years later, the organization has developed a project called ARPAnet - plan to establish a military research network , the world's first decentralized computer network. The proposed network was to consist of a large number of computers transmit data to each other in the so-called . packets , or small portions , the connections will have to be determined in a dynamic manner , ie machines A and B should be able to make contact through various intermediate stations . This network was intended as a reserve in case of communication of nuclear war and used until the mid 70's. This gave rise to the radio transmission technology for highly encrypted data . Initially, this technology was used by the Americans
and the Allies during the war , but soon circle the wireless network users began to grow and a group of employees scientific - research , inspired by her, created the first radio network dedicated to communication and based on the packet . It was called ALHONET . It became the first local area network , composed , which consisted of seven computers that communicate using topological two-way star. That is born wireless networks. Duped by the creation and use of the experience became the basis of assumptions on the Internet.
Today, in the last few years , when the LAN network dominated the market , continued to gather the demand for wireless network as " structured wiring " was not always a good option. For example, it was difficult to build expensive fixed installations - only within a building . Often there is also a need for a single connection to the network , remote computers. Performed so expensive fiber connections just to ensure, for example , connect to the remote control panel 200 meters warehouse, which employs two computers . Cable also disables mobile users ( laptops ) . And wireless networks based on radio waves, so that there could be a convenient and effective complement to traditional wired network .


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